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Monday, November 12, 2007

Identities needed

Pam/Digging recently had a post about Lost Maples State Park with its Bigtooth Maples. Philo and I had been surprised to see maples growing a couple of miles from our house - we rode our bikes over and scooped a few leaves. They don't seem to be Pam's Bigtooth Maples - and with 3 lobes, don't match things like Silver Maples either... anyone know the ID of these trees?

Here's another mystery plant. This photo was taken last spring at Zilker Park. I've looked around but can't put a name to this flower.

Edit July 2010: found out awhile ago that people in my neighborhood did plant Silver Maples in Texas! And as to the beautiful pink vine, it's probably Bauhinia corymbosa. More information


Ki said...

I would have guessed silver maple Annie but that has 5 lobes. The second photo looks like some kind of orchid tree, Bauhinia but I don't know which kind it is. You are fortunate to have them grow in your area.

Kerri said...

Annie, these leaves look exactly like the leaves on what Ross calls our Cutleaf Maple...but my efforts online only showed a Japanese Cutleaf Maple..which is not our tree.
I found this site:
but I didn't find a really good match. Now you have me wondering...I'll be interested to know what you find out.
Perhaps yours is a Canyon Maple? (AKA Bigtooth)

Annie in Austin said...

Thanks Ki and Kerry -

I really enjoyed browsing that Maple site!

I'm beginning to think that what looks like three to me is counted as 5 so they probably are Silver Maples - here's a leaf photo at this Virginia Tech site.

Silver maple seemed so Northern to me - not that likely for Austin!

A couple of helpful people on the Texas Forum of Gardenweb also had answers for this post.


Flee said...

I know this is an old post but I just noticed this addendum blog. The flower is from the gas plant,
Dictamnus albus.

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Flee - good to hear from you!

I should have come back and added the ID when I finally got it.

It turned out that this is actually a mass of tangled vines and the leaves revealed it as Bauhinia. It's probably this Bauhinia corymbosa which is seen in Austin gardens.

I guess the flowers look similar to gas plant?

Hope all goes well in your world -