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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

There's been more than enough talk of Pecans at the Transplantable Rose so I posted the Pie over here. Making a pie with our own pecans was quite thrilling for a couple of Thanksgiving garden geeks like Philo and Annie in Austin!
We can't grow cranberries, but added a few Meyer's Lemons from our small tree to the store-bagged kind for Lemon-cranberry relish.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Philo. My, that pie looks delicious!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Shady Gardener said...

Annie, I had to explore tonight. I was delighted to find this blog of yours... what a TREAT to be able to pick your own pecans for your own pecan pie! Wow! If it was as good as it looks, it had to be Wonderfully delicious! :-)

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Shady - that was the first pecan crop we ever saw and don't know when we'll see another one. The tree is taking this year off so back to the store for 2008.
Thank you for exploring and commenting!