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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mysterious Red-headed Insect

I took an insect photo two summers ago - back when the front bed had so many bulbines I had to dig and give some away to keep them in check. Last winter killed every plant.
An interesting insect with a red head and flexible abdomen hung out on the bulbines for several days- long enough for me to catch a photo.

Right now Phillip at East Side Patch has an enchanting photo of a similar insect... and RBell of The Lazy Shady Gardener thinks it's a kind of Syrphid. They made me wonder if this insect on the bulbines is related to the one at East Side Patch so I decided to post my photo for comparison. When I uploaded the jpg photo, it immediately autorotated its orientation to portrait. That's because in 2008, I hadn't yet learned to disable the facial recognition setting. Once changed from jpg to png the photo remained as 'landscape'.
Annieinaustin, Redheaded mystery insect on Bulbine
The photo was in my Critter file, labeled September 2, "Readhead" - not sure whether there was an actual basis for using the name or if it amused me, but I'd also like to know what these insects are.

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