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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rotated Photos Uploaded in Proper Orientation

In the August 30 Post at The Transplantable Rose you saw several photos that reversed from landscape to portrait when uploaded to blogger.

Our technical support person suggested that I save the problem photos as a png file and then try to upload them again. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to save them in the new format and them uploaded them over here.

The zinnias came out in the right direction.

And so did the Cherry pepper photo. The size of the photo is slightly larger than a jpg. It doesn't explain what happened but it might work as a fix.

EDIT July 4, 2010:
In the comments I said "
Tech support thinks that blogger is reading some embedded information incorrectly". This theory seems to have been true - my husband disabled a facial-recognition setting inside the camera that autorotated pictures to make faces look "right". Guess it was seeing fruits and flowers as faces in group photos. Human faces are longer rather than wider, but Flower Faces frequently are broader rather than long.
So far it's worked!


Carol said...

Yes, that looks better. I've never seen a cherry pepper like that. Very intersting looking!

garden girl said...

Hi Annie, you can also rotate the shot in the select a file screen in Blogger by right clicking on the picture and chosing rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. The only problem is it doesn't rotate until after you've downloaded the picture into the post, so you're doing it kind of blind and that's not really much help.

I have the same problem sometimes, and do as your technical support person recommends - rotate and save the picture in Photoshop.

Annie in Austin said...

Carol - I bought the pepper plant for its ornamental qualities, but it surprised me by making lots of walnut-sized, good tasting peppers.

Thanks for the note Garden Girl Linda but I'm missing something and am not following you.

When I select the photo file, all I see is the title of the computer file in a bar - not a photo. Then the photo uploads to a box that says to click "done"... no rotate commands appear when the photo in the upload box is right-clicked.

The photos were originally formatted and resized in photoshop and then saved in jpg format. They were always landscape so were not rotated at any point except by Blogger ;-] Ha!

Tech support thinks that blogger is reading some embedded information incorrectly. Resaving the jpg's as png's may prevent blogger from misreading the file.

We'll see what happens on the next post!