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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Annie, Your Grass is Past

The only way I can join the bloggers who are posting photos of their ornamental grasses is to get out a photo album from Illinois and scan something from my old garden. This Miscanthus zebrina was the anchor for a bed of yellow, white, silver and blue. The grass had five blades when it arrived from Wayside Gardens and the surrounding border evolved over time. This is how it looked in July of 1992, which was about season four for the Zebra grass. Can you see some Perovskia/Russian sage at left, and a tall yucca stalk at right?
I think Layanee of Ledge & Gardens made the original post.


Layanee said...

Annie: I guess I could learn to love that grass! It certainly looks beautiful in this garden of yours. It goes to show that with the right combination of plants a specimen can really shine! I'm glad you joined in the fun. Be sure to check out Shirl's grasses from Shirl's Garden Watch!

kate said...

I love when you post pictures from your Illinois garden... they are so different from your Austin garden.

The colours are beautiful and that Miscanthus is huge! It dwarfs the Russian sage.